The following positions are available;
  • Care Assistant
To apply for the above positions or for more details contact us on 020 8367 5333  

Section 1 - Personal details

Section 2 - Tell us about your practical experience

Last or current employer and start/end date
How many months/years experience and in what capacity: Residential Home/Domiciliary Care/Supported Living/Hospital/Mental Health Institution/Day Centre/Private as a: Health Care Assistant/Live in Carer/Night Carer/Nurse/Support Worker

Section 3 - Tell us about your availabilty

What days/times are you available for work: Mon Tues Weds Thurs Fri Sat Sun Please write in start and finish time for each day

Section 7 - Criminal Records Bureau

The Care Standards Act 2000 requires that a check be made on you with the Criminal Records Bureau. The information provided in the subsequent disclosure will be considered prior to you being engaged with SureCare and may or may not affect your application. Failure to agree to apply for a disclosure to the Criminal Records Bureau will result in SureCare being unable to offer you engagement. An adverse inference may be drawn from any difference between your answer to Section 4 and the disclosure issued by the CRB.
By typing in your name, you are agreeing to the above

Section 12 - Working Time Directive

Section 13 - Data Protection Act 1998

I give consent to personal information being processed in connection with my application and any subsequent work arranged for me by SureCare. I am aware that I can see a copy of all personal information held by making a written request to my Registered Manager.

Section 14 - Declaration

The information that I have given in this application form is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and accurate in all respects. I understand that knowingly giving false information will disqualify me from registration with SureCare.